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Polar Performing Arts

Polar Performing Arts!


Are you involved in the Performing Arts outside of school?

Do you take Music, Dance, or Speech Arts, or Voice Lessons?

Are you involved in Theatre, Symphony or Choir?

If YES, then you might be a candidate for the Polar Performing Arts Focus!




What is Polar Performing Arts Focus?

The Polar Performing Arts Focus Is:

A flexible curricular option for School District #57 high school students who are currently dedicated to achievement in the performing arts and maintaining academic success in grades 10-12.

The Performing Arts Focus allows flexibility for performing artists for completing graduation requirements while remaining dedicated and involved in the performing arts community. The students involved in this focus benefit from the enriched program and opportunities.

Via IDS (Independent Directed Studies) courses, Performing Arts Focus students  create, initiate, perform, involve, educate and inspire younger students as well as their peers. Projects for IDS courses include performing arts appreciation and education for elementary students & secondary students.


For more information contact:  Mary LaMarre, Counsellor

[email protected]


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Entrance Criteria

Entrance Criteria: to be considered for this Focus, a student must:


  • Have parent/guardian permission and support to participate in the focus
  • Provide documentation of a high level of commitment to a recognized performing art
  • Be currently achieving a C+ average and satisfactory work habits 
  • Complete a Student Information Form
  • Be approved of application by the PGSS Principal
  • Non-PGSS students are responsible for their own transportation to PGSS 2-3 times per week.


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