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Eagle Centre: Indigenous Education

Parents are always welcome to pop in to the Eagle Center!

There is often drumming happening in the mornings.

During T-Block, the Eagle Center will be learning new songs!

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​Charlee Witwer

Indigenous Education Worker
[email protected]
ext: 684
​Megan Zacharias

Indigenous Education 
[email protected]
ext: 685
​Mel Aksidan

Indigenous Education Worker

ext: 681
Ken Barwise Indigenous Grad Coach (8-9) [email protected] ​250-562-6441 ext: 623
Krista Heinzelman Indigenous Grad Coach  (10-12) [email protected] ​250-562-6441 ext: 623
​Arthur Bouchard Hooker Indigenous Education Worker [email protected] ​250-562-6441
ext: 622
Georgina Scully ​Indigenous Education
[email protected] ​​250-562-6441 ext: 623
​Kristen Olsen ​Indigenous
Social Worker
[email protected] 250-562-6441 ext: 536
Niki Cameron Indigenous Social 
[email protected] ​250-562-6441
ext: 538
​Stephanie Mills ​Community Schools Coordinator [email protected] ​250-562-6441
ext: 537


Indigenous Grad Coaches

Indigenous Grad Info

Check out this brochure with information about scholarships for Indigenous Students as well as links to post-secondary Institutions.
Below are two more pieces of information: 
a link to a portal for post-secondary information for all Indigenous youth.
Indigenous Scholarship

Scholarship that is exclusive to Aboriginal students from BC who are interested in studying Carpentry at the post-secondary level.
Ken Michel Memorial Scholarship for Carpentry 

In loving memory of a man whose skill in the carpentry trade and the love of his people helped build the foundations of honour, pride, and strength in his community. This scholarship acknowledges both strong work ethic and the desire to work towards the betterment of the community as a whole.

National week for Truth and Reconciliation

Truth and Reconciliation week is a 5-day national event that will continue the conversations from Every Child Matters. Important conversations including the truths of the Indigenous treaties, First Nation, Métis and Inuit land claims, and the residential school system. September 30 is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The day recognizes the colonial legacy of residential schools, honour Indigenous survivors, and is vital to the ongoing reconciliation process.


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National Truth & Reconciliation Information

Here is more information on National Truth and Reconciliation week and Sept 30th, National Truth and Reconciliation Day.
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National Truth and Reconciliation Week
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Sept 30)

  • Orange Shirt Day began in 2013. Today, Orange Shirt Day has evolved into a national day of personal and organizational reflection. To learn more about the society and the story that inspired a movement. Read Phyllis (Jack) Webstad's story here:
  • Did you know the last Indian Residential School in Canada operated until 1996? Learn more about the history of Indian Residential Schools in Canada with this short video from @HistoricaCanada  (5m 39s):
Every Child Matters
Below is a link with federal info on Truth and Reconciliation

PGSS Eagle Centre Parent Group

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The Eagle Center at PGSS is a cultural hub for the school, we acknowledge the importance of education. We also acknowledge the important role parents play in our students lives.

We would like to celebrate and assist parents in that role.

If you are interested in joining the Eagle Center Parent Group, please contact one of our Indigenous Education Workers, via email or by phone.

We plan on at least 1 meeting a month to start.

Let's gather and talk about all the possibilities


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

National Indigenous Peoples Day!

National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day!

National Indigenous Peoples Day