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PGSS students have many opportunities for enriched courses in core subjects from Grades 7 – 12.

Many unique elective courses offered at PGSS include:

     Electronics, Carpentry, Automotive, Metal

·    Drama Film & Television

·    Food Studies, Textiles

·    Visual Arts/Media Studies, Band, Outdoor Ed.


Several alternative programs offer course credits leading to a Dogwood, including:


·    Project Based Learning,

·    Polar Den,

·    Alternate Education,

·    & English Language Learning programs


PGSS is proud of their team of 4 Indigenous Education Workers and 1 Indigenous Social Worker that work to address individual student needs with tutorial support, community connections, healing circles, and a variety of other activities

Along with providing top-notch educational opportunities, polar staff & administrators are committed to ensuring that students have access to a variety of extra-curricular activities including: Students' Council, Save the Children Club, Drama Club, Chess Club, as well as a range of highly competitive junior and senior sports teams.

We are the northern hub for three blended academic specialty programs focused around Hockey and Performing Arts

The school building itself boasts a cafeteria unique to Prince George schools, a recording studio, and of course, Vanier Hall! We are proud of our motto: "PGSS is the Place to Be!"

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